Offsite Backup

Ensured Security for your valuable files.

Are your files safe?

Either in day to day operation or times of high importance, there is no affordable time to lose data.

Benefits of Offsite Backups?

Scalar’s offsite backups are safely stored in an enterprise grade storage facility ensuring that your files are earthquake, fire, flood & theft proof. We strive to provide complete safety so that our clients can operate with complete peace of mind. Along with this, the backups are encrypted to provide an extra level of security and peace of mind.

Key Features

Automatic Imaging

At Scalar, we believe that there is no good reason to compromise on file security. We also understand that spending time worrying about your files isn’t your job, Its ours. To free you up from this, the backup system we use is built to be next to invisible, easy to set up, and automatic. Along with this, we carefully check the backups to ensure they are complete, secure, and successful. 

Once set up, our backup system operates automatically. Clients can choose the frequency of the backups taken and can select the files to be included in the backup image.  From there our backup service with automatically backup the desired files to the  secure enterprise grade datacentre. 

Secure Encryption

 A common concern when using offsite backup systems is the question of file’s being secure from malicious third parties. At Scalar, we honor the level of trust present with our clients by providing secure encryption for all backup files. From the moment the image is created, it is safely encrypted, and the data is only accessable using a personal key to ensure safety.

As the data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer, it remains in our care in this encrypted state. The only time that the encryption is lifted is when the backup is being restored to it’s original state on your computer.

Additional Features

Highly Customisable

Scalar’s backup system allows clients to customise their backups to include only specific folders, or entire drives. Along with this, the frequency with which the backups operate is also able to be adapted specifically to client’s needs.

Integrity Ensured

When the backup system runs, Scalar are notified of the success and status of the files. This means not only are we daily checking on the success of your backups, we are instantly notified if there is a problem and can start immediately on a solution.

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