Scalar Solutions’ Enterprise-grade, file-syncing and File-sharing platform

Share files. Company Wide. Fast.

With Cross platform functionality, 448-bit encription for data both in transit and at rest, & access from any location, FileSync provides the flexibility and power to share files on a corperate scale.

What is FileSync?

FileSync is an Enterprise-grade file-syncing and file-sharing platform. It could be thought of as “DropBox® on steroids”.  It takes the basic file-syncing functionality that most users are already familiar with and adds a range of features that make it suitable for corporate use.

Key Features

Cross Platform

FileSync has agents available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, And Android so that whether on the go or in the office you have uncompromised access to your files.

Secure Encryption

FileSync utilises a 448-bit encryption of all data. This is done regardless of if the data is currently in transit or at rest on our servers so that you can be sure your data is safe and protected at all times.

Built for Companies

Each staff member gets a login, which can be integrated with Active Directory to make use of existing Windows Login credentials. Users are provided with their own private file areas as well as access to company or team wide shares.

Fully redundant backup system

Data placed in FileSync is stored in our enterprise-grade datacentre facility, with system operation and multi-location backups fully managed by us, so we ensure your data is safe from catastrophe.

Additional Features

Full Control

Your IT Management has full control over the facility via a secure web console with ability to:

  • Add/delete user accounts at will.
  • Remove data from a user’s device(s) when the user leaves the company.
  • Manage Team Shares and assign user permissions.
  • Link Team Shares to File Server resources.
  • Control all aspects of configuration.
  • View all Team and Individual data. Generate activity reports at will

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