Scalar Solutions’ Enterprise-grade, highly redundant email security solution

Protect your Email Properly

MailWasher provides an effective solution to the problems of email-borne viruses and SPAM, and is
designed to serve the demands of modern businesses which depend on an effective and reliable email system.

What is MailWasher?

MailWasher operates as a shield between the internet and your email server.

All your incoming email passes through MailWasher. SPAM and malicious emails are removed, and only the resulting clean emails are passed through to your mail server.

Outgoing emails from your server are sent via MailWasher to take advantage of our high sending reputation – this prevents delivery problems that can arise if your own IP address becomes blacklisted due to, for example, a virus on your network.

MailWasher uses a redundant, multi-node, multi-site design to ensure that your email is delivered reliably and promptly.



Spam Detection Rate


False Positive Rate

Levels of Redundancy

Key Features

No Quarantine

Our ‘No Quarantine’ philosophy means that there is no scope for emails to be overlooked. There are no SPAM folders or Quarantine folders to check. Emails are either delivered or bounced. Quarantining may be optionally enabled by the customer if required.

Status Updates

Prompt alerting of delivery delays – designed for customers who use email in a time-critical manner. If delivery of an email is delayed due to, for example, either your server or your customer’s server being down, MailWasher warns the sender that delivery is still pending within 30 minutes. The sender can then contact the recipient directly if the matter is urgent.

Along with this, users can easily check to see whether an important email was delivered.

Comprehensive Security

Every email passes through two Anti Virus engines including ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs, including heuristic ‘day-zero’ scanning to help catch newly released threats.

Ensured Redundancy

    No single point of failure. Our Enterprise-grade clustered design includes three independent nodes – two in Brisbane and a third in the U.S. – to ensure that your mail is always delivered promptly.

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