Disaster Recovery

We provide solutions for when the unthinkable happens

Get back on your feet, fast.

Scalar Solutions have multiple disaster recovery strategies to ensure you can get back to business as usual quickly.

How do you prepare for disasters?

Scalar Solutions create comprehensive backups that can be restored at a moment’s notice. These can be restored to your own servers, or in event of those failing they can be booted onto Scalars’ servers in a secure datacentre. While hardware or systems recieve required repair or maintinence, business can continue independantly. 


Safe Restore

With Scalar’s secure backups, the recovery process involves encrypted images of your data. These are stored safely in the enterprise grade datacentre until they are needed. From there, they can remotely be restored to bring your system back to the way you want it.

Independant Restore

When your business is in disaster recovery mode, it may not be viable to use your current server due to damage or other issues. In the event of this, Scalar can restore the backup on our servers in the datacentre to get you back online, independant of the physical status of your server.

Let us help you account for the unknown