Virtual Private Servers

A Safe, Secure, Enterprise-grade Server available for your own exclusive use.

Ideal for Growing Companies

A VPS system can be adjusted and reconfigured very easily.  A simple server could start out servicing just 5 users very economically, and then be upgraded and even expanded to multiple servers as required to keep up with growth in business needs.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is just like having your own enterprise-grade server, located in a major datacentre and available for your own exclusive use.

Effectively a VPS is like renting a slice of one of our hosting servers. The customer is free to choose just how big a slice he needs, according to his requirements.

Running under VMware Vsphere 5, each virtual server is configured with the CPU power, RAM and disk storage according to customer specification. Resources can be scaled up or down over time as customer needs change.

A VPS is provided on a monthly rental basis with no minimum term and generally no up-front capital commitment.

Virtual Private Servers are ideal for companies who:

  • Would prefer not to purchase, install and manage their own servers in their own office.
  • Want to protect their servers from local interference, theft or vandalism.
  • Do not have the time or resources to install and maintain their own equipment.
  • Have staff widely scattered geographically, without a suitable single ‘central office’ location.
  • Need a well-connected server for web or email hosting etc but also require a server under their own control rather than shared hosting.

Key Features

Local Office Integration

A VPS system must meet the needs of both ‘roaming’ or ‘offsite’ users and also those users who work together in one of more office locations. Office networks based on local server equipment usually provide roaming user authentication, roaming user profiles and workstation management tools.

The good news is that our VPS solution can provide all the management benefits of locally installed servers.  We tailor a complete solution to cater for both remote staff and those based in one or more offices, using a combination of:

  • Secure IPSEC tunnels to connect the Datacentre equipment to each office location, creating a secure Wide-Area Network.
  • A small, quiet and robust micro server (typically around 15cm square) installed onsite to provide local user and workstation management. This allows your VPS facility, your head office and branch offices to all share a single Active Directory domain.
  • Local storage at each office location for files that are too large or otherwise unsuitable for use through a remote terminal connection. Common examples are large video, music or image files, CAD files or desktop publishing files that need to be worked on locally. These local files can be synchronised with the VPS system (depending on the bandwidth available at the local office) or can exist completely separately from the VPS.

Enterprise-Grade Datacentre facility

Our Virtual Private Servers run on our enterprise-grade IBM server hardware, located in a major Brisbane datacentre. Our virtual servers benefit from an uncongested 100Mbit connection to the internet backbone to provide maximum performance for all your users regardless of where they may be located.

Our VPS customers benefit from a range of Enterprise-Grade features that are difficult / expensive / impossible to provide for locally installed equipment:

  • Triple Redundant internet connection via multiple fibres and multiple carriers.
  • High speed 100mbps full duplex uncongested connection.
  • All equipment is powered by redundant (N+1) UPS equipment backed by diesel generators.
  • Redundant (N+1) monitored air-conditioning.
  • Fire protection provided by Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) with inert gas dump.
  • Our equipment is located in locked ventilated steel cabinets with swipe card security and video monitoring.

Additional Features

Built for High Availability

Our VPS hosting is designed for maximum uptime. To meet our target availability of 99.99% (that’s no more than 50 minutes downtime per year) our VPS infrastructure is built with NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. From our uplinks and front-end firewalls, through our vSphere hosting servers and our network fabric to our storage back-end, any server, SAN node or switch can fail or be taken down for maintenance without disrupting the operation of your VPS. The result is a measure of reliability that few businesses can afford to implement on-premesis.

Comprehensive Backup Strategy

Our fully monitored, multi-level backup strategy protects the entire server and also individual files*. Onsite backups within the datacentre facility are performed at end-of-day (and may also be performed during the day if requested). Offsite backups are performed nightly. End-of-Day, End-of Week  and End-of-Month restore points covering a 12-month period provide historical protection. End-of-Year restore points may also be held if requested.  Restoration of either an entire server or individual files/folders can be performed by our staff on request**.

* In order to provide file-level backup/restore protection we require that you give us administrator-level credentials for your VPS. Otherwise we are able to provide only machine-level protection.

** We may charge a nominal fee for restores.

Let us find help you find the best VPN solution availible!