Welcome to one of the most versatile computer solutions providers in the Brisbane Area.

Under one roof, you will find professional staff fully trained in all aspects of Business Computing, including Computer Hardware, Software, Local- and Wide- area Networking and Internet & Intranet Applications.


A True 'One-Stop' Solution ...

Scalar Solutions offers a 'one-stop-shop' solution to your business computing needs.

We are skilled and experienced in just about all aspects of business computing, so you save time, worry and money by dealing with a single organisation.

Our areas of expertise include :

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Office and Wide-Area Networking
  • Installation & Service
  • Training
  • Fault-Finding and Repairs
  • Internet and Intranet Services
  • Web Site Hosting

More than just a Consultant ...

Sure,  plenty of folks sell computers.  Some just sell PCs and peripherals without knowing a lot about them,  others specialise in a particular brand-name or a particular application like business software or graphic design.  And there's no doubt that  the computer industry is full of  'consultants' who are ready to talk to you about your needs and offer suggestions and advice. 

However, it's not often that you find a single organisation that provides all these services under one roof.  But that's exactly what you'll discover at Scalar Solutions.  You'll find it refreshing to talk to someone who genuinely understands your needs, doesn't have a vested interest in pushing a particular brand or product line, and can not only supply, but also install, commission and maintain a system that is the very best solution for your unique situation. 


When trouble strikes ...  Relax !

Solving system problems can be slow and frustrating.  You know how it goes.  The hardware supplier says it's a software problem,  but the software people assure you that it must be the hardware at fault or, worse, 'a network problem' (whatever that's supposed to mean) !  Meanwhile, your system is down and you are losing money. 

With us, it's different.  Because we understand your entire system, it doesn't matter where the fault is - we fix it, quickly.  So you can rest easy, work more efficiently and sleep better at night, too ! 


At Scalar Solutions,  we understand that you have a business to run. 

So do we.  Our business is making sure that you are free to get on with yours.

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